Haru Nemuri

Haru Nemuri
HARU NEMURI is a Japanese singer-songwriter and poetry rapper, composer. She has been HARU NEMURI and called herself as the “singing ultimate weapon”.

In April of 2018, she released the long-awaited first full album “Haru to Shura”. “Haru to Shura” has been featured in many countries overseas, including American famous music Vlogger Anthony Fantano, and this album on streams has already gotten 6 million streams. She has performed in some music festivals overseas and some of her solo shows overseas were sold out.

In August, a song “kick in the world”, which is the theme of the movie “; the eternal / spring”, was released. American music site Stereogum selected this song as No.1 song for “THE 5 BEST SONGS OF THE WEEK”. “Haru to Shura” and “kick in the world” prove her to be one of the world’s most one-of-a-kind up and coming artists.

In 2019, she performed in some huge music festivals in Malaysia and Taiwan, and on March she started an Asian tour including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan and Japan. In April, "HARU TO SHURA" on vinyl was released from a French label. Just a few hours after the release, the first pressing were sold out and the re-pressing suddenly started, but the additional one were also sold out.

From May to June, she performed in "Primavera Sound 2019" which was one of the huge music festivals in Europe, and she also did 15 shows in 6 countries as her first European tour, including an outdoor music festival in Germany. More than half of the shows on this tour were sold out and her tour was finished with great success.

After returning to Japan, she featured with a Hong Kong instrumental band “Prune Deer”, and she composed a song “Ever After” for Tokyo Girls' Style (avex). And also her song “Kick In The World (Alternate Version)” was recorded in the compilation album “The Needle Drop: Various Artists Vinyl”. In addition, she has been actively working on shows, for example, she played in the first Japanese tour of Chicago-based multiplayer Sen Morimoto (88rising).

In January of 2020, she released new single "Fanfare" and the music video for it got into the news, which was shot at 30 odd degrees of frost in Russia. In March, hee first North America tour was decided. Starting with SXSW (South by Southwest),, performances will be performed in all six cities in North America, including Dallas, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

And, HARU NEMURI’s new album named “LOVETHEISM” will be released from 20th March 2020. Currently, her debut album “Haru to Shura” was selected as "College Music Network! Here are Some of our Favorite Records of 2018". Further on granked 30th in the album work in 2018 on RATE YOUR MUSIC, which is the largest music evaluation site in America. This is the Japanese pop music of new generation, and her spirit is “Rock and Roll.

Véritable phénomène au Japon HARU NEMURI est une étonnante auteure-compositrice-interprète originaire de Yokohama. Son premier album “Haru to Shura” est sorti en avril 2018 au Japon puis en vinyle en 2019 chez Specific, label français qui a vendu les exemplaires du premier tirage en quelques heures seulement ! HARU NEMURI s’est produite dans de nombreux festivals partout dans le monde notamment à Primavera Sound en 2019 et enchaine les concerts sold-out en Asie. Sa musique mêle dans une rencontre inattendue J-pop, rap, electronica et rock à ses propres textes, créant un univers unique et audacieux entre tradition pop japonaise et pur esprit rock’n’roll.

HARU NEMURI a sorti “Fanfare” un nouveau single en janvier dernier, son nouvel album “LOVETHEISM” sort le 20 mars 2020.
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